Win-TV 150 PVR TV Rec and capture card

Does anyone have any experience with these cards.
Drivers seemed to instal fine, but the software seemed to take forever to install but it gave up on at least e items of the install.
It tried to install Adobe reader ver 5 over ver 7, and Ulead movie factory 4 SE over my own vdr 5.

I got TV fully working and also the capturing feature, but nothing will burn the resulting mpg files. Computer has not worked as usual since this install.
Ulead will only load and burn ISOs so it cant burn the image, and 5 regular burn progs also will not burn them.
Also shrink won’t touch them to reduce the file to 1 DVD size.

any help appreciated

I’m useing a wintv pvr usb2 with MCE kit on a 2005 MCE desktop i tried a wintv without the mce kit and also could not get it to install you could try and contact hauppauge support

You tried Hauppage’s WinTV2000 capture software from their website?
Not the fanciest, but works good. Also you will need to convert those mpeg2 files to DVD compliant format (VOB, IFO, BUPs) so that DVDShrink can transcode them down to 4.35 GBs and so that the burning software like IMGBurn can burn to disc.

Also, beware that Hauppauge captures to MP2 sound, not AC3 as is universally accepted. I haven’t had a problem playing MP2 on my standalones, but some NTSC standalone players don’t like MP2.

This can be converted from MP2 to AC3 2-channel with some Mpeg2 to DVD conversion programs.

Actually, it captures in mpeg, mpeg2 and stored as such. this is what happened. I captured HUD and it was saved as a 6.4 meg MPEG file
or am I misunderstanding you?

What prog is good to transcode so Shrink can reduce to 4.35meg?

olyteddy was talking about the ‘audio’.

1ClickDVDMovie can convert the MP2 into AC3 2-channel while it is converting the Mpeg2 video to DVD compliant files (VOB, IFO, BUP).

ConvertXToDVD is also another converting program which is decent, but I forget if it had the ability to convert the sound to AC3 when I tried it.

TMPGEnc is another one and don’t remember about the audio convertion on that one either.

All three above come with free trial periods, so you can try all thre and decide for yourself if you’d like to buy any of them. I tried them all and decided 1ClickDVDMovie was best IMHO.

There is the free MediaCoder, but I think it would be a little over the top for you and overkill. You might end up demuxing and muxing back together if audiosync issues arise with Mcoder.


I still have not been able to burn a dvd/cd from the image profuced by Wintv capturing.
One from capturing afrom a VCR is visible in computer, but a small 3 by 5 image.
The others just show up as a black screen with an occasional barely shimmer on the computer.
None work on my pioneer dvd player.
us3ed dvd-R and one CD.
Transcoding with ConvertXtoDVD made no dif and Nero did some ething also but finally burnt it.
No success.
Anyone have any clues

I’ve never seen a drive capturing something into an “image”.

What format is it really?

OK, sorry about that
mpeg, mpeg2 DVD Standard as stated above
Have yopu had any experience with Win TV PVR 150?

Nope, I have experiewnce with DIGITAL card for DVB-S and DVB-S2 and also captured lots of stuff via some AIW ATI cards from different sources…

I would check and edit the content with either TMPGEnc or ProjectX and authoring it uing dvdlab or TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Also check out:

Have you ever captured VHS for vcr with the ATI AIW card?
What was the final burned quality like? And what formats does it capture in?
Raw or what?

Not RAW, I’ve used VirtualDub which gave me AVI files…

VHS Q is kinda crappy, best is to use a standalone recorder for this.