Win Tech Bios upgrade

I have a motherboar Win Technologies W6LXB-0 and the bios does not recognise HD more than 32 GB. I´d like to update the bios but I can´t find the file. Does anybody know how and where can I go to solve this thing?

Thanks, Rouch.

Seems like there isn’t a patch/upgrade around, if you run Windows 2000 SP2 or greater you can set the HDD as none in BIOS and work fine as soon as Windows has booted.

ok but how can I do That?

set the HDD as none in BIOS

Does it mean that the HD can only be recognised in WIN XP Home(my actual OS) not in DOS? (Like a NTFS formated HD)

Now I´m working with jumper setting for 32 GB, but my HD is 80 GB… So I´m loosing space

Thank you, DiiZzy.

Another thing…

I´m using this HD like a 2nd HD. I have installed the OS in another HD less than 32 GB. So it doesn´t matter if It doesn´t work in DOS.

The only thing I do with this 2nd HD is to put it in an external device(usb) and tranfer files to my Laptop…

Set as a Slave drive (if you’ve connected it on the same channel as your main drive) and go into BIOS (delete or F10 in most cases). In general you’ll find this setting under the first menu, both first and secondary IDE channel are lined up in “AUTO” mode. Just set it to none instead where your 80 Gb HDD is connected.

there´s a prolem here…

I have the OS HD in the same channel of the cd player and the 2nd HD on the second channel alone

I tried to do what you told me before, but when I set the jumpers in diferent position than 32 GB limit the computer freezes at start up when detecting HD. And when I´m entering to the bios setup HD detection, it detects the OS HD but freezes traying to detect the 2nd HD

Another thing is that I connected the HD via usb with an external device and it´s recognised as 80 GB but the connectin is 1.0 (to slow for my purposes). I don´t know if it helps…


I said that you should disable autodetect

It´s done, Thanks.

As I could do this, I´m wondering if there is any way to make a partition of the 80 GB HD (10 GB) to install there the OS and another of 70 GB for the files.
I´m thinking of this because the 2.6 GB HD is too slow compared to the 7200 rpm of the 80 HD.

Thank you again