Win Sp2 Internet Problems

I have been seein that many peple have benn havin all kinda problems with SP2 and i mean many like everyone. if u aint havin a problem u must be missin it cause im sure something is wrong. well i have a brand new pc top of the line and im still havin problems so it ainth that i have 4MBPS internet connection and had a cable tech here all day yesterday doing stuff and runnin test with this little sweet hand held tester with color screen and mad shit on it with the cable hook up right in it. it was pretty cool. but any way lol he fixed everything he even hooked up my cable service for the internet on its own line instead of splitting of the cable tv like it was. he cleaned out all my system and hooked it up way better than it was,he also did test on the pc and i was getting like 800ms pings from the test befor and now im gettin 20ms pings so thats great and all but my web pages and downloads r strugglin so it s not the internet connection and not the computer that leaves SP2 to be the problem sicne that everything is super slow. he said with the 4MBS service i should get downloads at least like 3100k and if i hade 3MBS it would be around 2100k well i havent hade my cable longand i never noticed that since i have had SP2 i have gottin like one download to reach 400k or so and thats it i mean gettin fast speed with it now on a download is like 20kbps lol so im gettin beat when i have 4000k=4MBS service. it is without a doubt SP2 this is confirmed my many to cause many problems. what im trin to find out is their any way to get my real speed back? with out removing SP2. because i do like all the security features in SP2 so finding a way to fix the speed peoblem without getting rid of it would be great. if worse comes to worst i guess i have to dump it and wait for SP3 or something but its total bullish i mean the speed is bad bad bad and with what i have it should be instant everything. help would be great if any of u know anything.

security features ? you mean like the popup blocker for IE, XP firewall [ J-O-K-E ], DEP, and the limit of 50 max half open connections [ that can be patched, but patching seems not to work on all systems ] …now you know why i reverted to my trusty, FAST !, XP Pro+SP1a install.

The standard limit is 10 you have to patch it to 50.

well i uninstalled SP2 i dont really know if their is any difference. i did some speed test they were ok still nothing high but all speed test r bullish cause they r different all the time and never right so i dont know what to do. one thing that can help is do u guys use any thing like kazza or bit torrent? if so what kinda connection do u have and what kinda download speeds do u see from those programs on ave? and now that i uninstalled SP2 what about these patches and stuff u r talkin about? what should i do? and how?

PhIbErOpTiK, I see that you live in east coast. Try this

Inside the page click on the link in the bottom (you will download test.zro file). I have XP Pro SP2 with 10mbps connection and get 1.14 MB/sec from the test link. 1.14 MB/sec x 8 = around 9mbps, not bad.

In my opinion, SP2 popup blocker is just awesome, before I use my Zone Alarm pro privacy but now I seldom use it. Yes I don’t use xp firewall at all. And I don’t see why sp2 would decrease internet speed.

Btw, what with the 10 limit and 50 patch??

Ok first where do u get that x8 from?what does that mean? i did that test it started at like 900 some kbps and then droped down to around 200 some after that for the rest of the time. it should he showing at least like 2000kbps i mean im payin for 4000kbps=4mbps. and u r sain no peoblems with SP2 search the web look at all the problems people r havin with it. tones of people havin problems.

It is true that there are tons of problems with SP2 and not only like yours, but compatibility issues with some/many software.That is why those who are cautious, waited, checked.
What concerns security: it is not SP2 that you have to rely on. It is better to have a decent firewall, a good anti-virus, anti-spy, -trojan software. And preferably of different software manufacturers. I would revert to XP (Pro) SP1a.

1 byte = 8 bits (conversion: bits and bytes)
So 1 MB/sec = 8 mbps.
MB/sec = megabytepersecond
mbps = megabitpersecond
If you use IE, it always shows in MB/s, so you need to x8 to get mbps
Your isp 4mbps = 500 MB/s, but that’s max. Usually you can get a bit lower download speed and even slower for upload.

It’s not uncommon that people having troubles… Everyday I got a call from friends and neighbours asking for help, so I know that people having troubles, since the era of win95,98,nt,2000,me,xp and 2003

My computers are not as monsterous as yours but I’m running 7 PCs at home, 5 of them with XP Pro SP2, 1 win2K (old laptop), 1 with 98 (for my 4 years old), and the last is Win2003 Server. None of them giving me unsolveable “problems”.

I’m not going to revert back, in fact I recommend SP2 to all my friends and neighbors, and add 3rd party firewall, antivirus, and spy-removal.

But the choice is yours. I see you didn’t solve the internet speed issue even after revert to sp1. So it’s not about sp1 or sp2 I guess.

o yeah bits bytes hahaha i forgot thats what hapens when ur trin to find a fix real fast and dont read. dohhhhh on me. but be it the case then it was goin at like 900kbps for the first few seconds so that would make it like 7200kbps i was gettin thats way over my connection speed i mean thats great when my connection is only 4MB/s=4000kbps right? then went down to like 200 some kbps it was around 250 so that would be like 2000kbps=or 2MB/s does that sound about right then? even though it wasnt higher since it will vary do to usage on the line right? and another question for stuff like kazza and bit torrent speed will always be different right cause it depends on the speed of the person u r downloading from right? this is what i always thought. like usin either one of thoses services i never get fast speed does this sound right? like alot of the time i only see like 5kbps lol fastest i get is like maby 20 or 30 kbps i may have seen higher here and their but do those speeds sound right for thoses services? like 90% of the time its gona be less than 30kbps? if the other people u r downloadin from has a slow connection? only thing i see wrong with that is if those people have a slow connection i couldint see them downloading big files like that it would take weeks hahahaha. and most people that use bit torrent i would think whould have a fast connection esp the up loaders so y cant i ever see like 100’s of kbps when downloadin from their? is it a problem or r most downloads from p2p programs just gona be slow for the most part? is it commin to be slow on p2p programs no matter what connection u have?

ok i found some more stuff tell me if this is right also in bit torrent it downloads in KiB/s so thats 1024 bytes so all those speeds i been sain for that r in KiB/s. so lets round it out say im gettin 15KiB/s that would be 15360 bytes right so far? so that means i aint even gettin 1MB/s right? since 1 MB is 1,048,576 bytes right?

I have a 3mbps (megabits) cable connection. My top downloads (via http) are usually around 240 Kilobytes. When using bittorrent (azureus) I usually get 12-25kB (kilobyte) for smaller torrents ( < 100 peers), and up to 100kB (kilobytes) for large torrents ( several hundered peers).

Remember, ISPs list their speed in terms of Bits. Most computers report in Bytes. To translate Unit_of_Bits to Unit_of_Bytes, divide by 8.

Since 1 byte = 8 bits:

1 Mbps = 1/8 MBps

4 Mbps = 4/8 = 1/2 MBps = 512 KB (kilobytes)

The mega prefix implies a number of 1,048,567 units (or about one million).
The kilo prefix implies 1,024 units (about one thousand).

Hope this helps

ok so the speeds i listed r not bad then?cool does that look right?

Go into azures configuration options -> Interface

There is an option to change how azureus shows speeds (kB / KiB / etc…)
Set it to display speeds as kB (kilobytes)

torrents with few seeds ( < 10 ) often go as slow as 5-10kB
for torrents with ( < 50 ) seeds rarely go over 35 kB for me.

Other factors:

Seeders To Leechers Ratio (lower ratio, lower speeds)

connection speed of the peers (some people have huge pipes and can seed at high speeds. If your lucky enough to connect with one of those people your speeds may increase quite a bit.)

Time connected - it can take up to 30 min or more for your client to connect (with faster uploading peers) and get good speeds.

Bottom Line: if you are getting 15,000 bytes/sec, that is decent speed for the average torrent on a cable connection.