Win on cd 38 serial needed

can anyone post a winoncd 38 (german) serial??

you probery can find it at otherwise search at

CYM, happy burning…

02246-61716328K or try 01946-71450752m

L8rz…! (forum finally back… YeeHaw!!!)

yes, wookie, the forum is back. hehe :smiley:

cdrwin 3.8a

name : CD-Freaks
company : CD-Freaks
unlock key : FACF52FE-AB5C7DB7-08B3B514-B1ACACB1
check key : 4B63FE4F-51932F49-A3EFC8A3-B91F19A5

CDRWin 3.8d

Name :
Email :
Key : BE66816A-E23EA862-4509BCF8-B84141B8
Check Key : 0627C0D2-5C582908-A737149A-FD48FD40

cdrwin 4.0a

Email :
Key : 34A83017-9E8842EC-4E8C4AB1-4E004B49
Check Key : 7AA76B5E-AA2172FB-D002085D-008C11F7

Uhm…Viniculum, he asked for WinOnCD 3.8, not CDRWin 3.8… :wink: But hey nevermind…

For all your CDR Software and Serials, visit

oeps sorry

Winoncd 3.8 02246-61716328K