Win on cd 3.8 wont work

Why wont win on cd 3.8 (german) work ? It doesnt write a lead in or out and says succesful burn at 99% -meaning the disc isnt closed I suppose ! HELP !

Have you tried using any other burning programs… such as nero?? …

possibly try different types of media.

also do you have a separate burner/cdrom? - try to make sure they are on separate IDE chanels.

there are quite a few things to suggest. more info is useful if you have it. ie operating sys, hardware etc

if you’re new to burning - sorry if I offend…

Thanks Mr C -I am quite new to burning -6 months or so and have never had a problem until win 3.8 power- I use Nero and have Win on cd 3.7 with windows 98 -No problems with them )but I wanted a prog that has the x-fade facility for music (which 3.8 PE has) - I have gone through about 20 discs trying to get it to work but to no avail !

I do have seperate drives on my PC
separate IDE chanels. ?? How do I do that or at least check ?
my cd writer is ermm- Not sure it says Wearness peripherals (WPI)CDRW 4424 if that means anything ???

Any help would be appreciated

In Nero you’ve got Nero Wave Editor which also can do stuff with the music. Maybe that’s a solution for you! :confused:

Maybe its cos I got it off my friend and hes a bit dodgy

  • I bought 3.7 then they bring out 3.7 power edition which really P***** me off as I would have had that instead -

Still I`ve burnt about 30 coasters with 3.8 so its me own fault for trusting a dodgy mate ! :frowning:

As for Nero it hasnt got the same flexibility as Win for music anyway !

Hey I had so many troubles before. Now I reinstalled the motherboard drivrs and excellent every program related to burning never makes a coastor. I have used winoncd 3.8 power edition for long now. Let me tell you. Ez5, nero are all good until your system is clear of all mischief. For me latest nero is f**ked. I used the mp3’s to make an audio cd, output was one silent song in it and one track was half. I burnt the same with winoncd 3.8 and no probs.

install an Aspi layer…