Win.Media sound/no sound problems



I originally posted under the Hardware Forum Saturday jan. 13,07,because my sister’s DELL is messing up Big time, and i posted to see how I could help her reinstall Win. XP Pro without her spending about four hours with dell on the phone,then she told me about this today…(DELL came over to replace hardware,but they don’t do Software repair…)

She wrote:
"This morning Window Media Player worked for about an hour then I hear a loud noise like what we hear on TV for flash flood warnings but only continuous. Came to my PC and had no control over the mouse with program frozen…ctl/alt/del not working either. pushed the button to shut down.

Power up again…only heard last two notes of the Windows welcome tune. Media Player worked for about 30 minutes this time then stopped in a middle of a song. No noise this time but frozen."

I e-mailed her this…


Open. > Under the Audio tab, Sound playback / Audio device >
is there anything there? > If so, under the ADVANCE tab,
PERFORMANCE >Click on the RESTORE tab.

> Right click My Computer (Desktop)/ Properties/ Hardware / Device manager / Is there an yellow exclamation point on the left, next to the SOUND,VIDEO,GAME CONTROLLERS TAB? if not, then click on the “+” sign and drop down the window next to this line, and look to see if you have a PCI Audio device shown in the list. if so, Click on properties,then right click on general tab to see if this is working properly. hit the Troubleshooter tab. Follow directions.

Could she uninstall her sound card in device manager and reboot and find it again? Thanks for all your help!