Win Media Player affecting my Cd rewriter

Hey guys i really need help!!

I got a new cd writer ist been writing fine for about 3months now.

My Windows media player had a problem playing avi files so i thought i would delete it and reinstall it. When i deleted it i accidently deleted all the the shared components!!!. At first roxio wouldn’t start up so i reinstalled it… now roxio works but when i goto write it will finish the third or fourth track (if im doing a music cd) and then sit on 100% read and the overall progress timer stops than it sometimes says api or adaptec problem. It does this everytime i try to write a cd!!. So i though it was maybe roxio and tryed writing an image file with clonecd this goto 25% and then said… hardware error: track following error(4:0x09:0x00) but none of this happened until i d uninstalled media player so im sure its not a hardware issue… also the 3 or 4 music tracks it does manage to burn on roxio play fine… so im very confused can anyone help me!!!


what version of windows do u have?

if u have windows me/xp u can use system restore to roll back your system to a ealier time when it did work perfectly :slight_smile:

goto Start/programs/accesories/system tools then click on system restore and follow on screen instructions to restore your system to a ealier time :slight_smile:

this should help u :slight_smile:

also try burning a cd with nero :slight_smile:

I believe this is a crossposting: and is against our rules.

SHould I be wrong in this, PM me and state your case, until then this one is closed.