Win Media Player 10 Won't play DVDs

G’day freaks.
I got my BIOS replaced and now I cannot pay DVDs on “Windows Media Player 10” any more, not from DVD nor from the HD. Even after uninstalling and re installing the Player, However I can play them with “Windows Media Player 2” sound and all, but the picture quality is bad on it.
“Nero Showtime” plays the pictures but not the sound.
“Media Player Classic” seems to play everything so far.
Any help appreciated.
Many thanks

System info
Win XP Pro,
P4. 1.8 GHZ Processor
Maxtor 80GB Master (C drive)
Seagate 80GB Slave Formatted NTSF for storage only (Fdrive)
Gigabyte P4 Titan GA-8S648FX Mother Board
768 GB RAM.
Pioneer 108 DL DVD Burner (slave)
Ricoh MP7200A 20X 10X 40X CD Burner (master)
Nero 6.3 OEM
GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 64 MB Video Card

“I got my BIOS replaced” - how ?
anyway, that should make no difference to WMP ability to play DvDs. try installing the klite codec pack, choose the AC3 , and cyberlink codecs when prompted…and any others you want.

G’day G)-(osters.
The whole BIOS module was replaced.
I have installes “K-Lite Codec Pack” and I went to Tools, fixcodecs, checked:
Fix Ligos MPEG2 Decoder
Boost AC3 Volume, next, Finish
Still wont play.

I had a similar problem with WMP9. I downloaded Stinkys MPeg2 decoder and Ligos and neither one would work. I downloaded the Free trial of Intervideo6 and installed it and found out that WMP also works now. I least now I know that it’s not a windows problem. I just need the right decoder

Playing DVDs with WMP is really hit and miss. I recommend picking up either WinDVD or PowerDVD. much less hassle and all around better functionality.

Hi there.
I got the WinDVD6 free trial version from:
WMP 10 is now working. I still have no sound on Nero Showtime. Who cares. Nero wants $55.00AU for the Dolby Decoder AC3-2. What if it doesn’t work? Media Player Classic, and DVD Shrink 3.2, play DVDs fine. It’s only that I don’t like to have rubbish, in my PC, that won’t work or half work.
Thank you all freaks for your help

showtime ain’t that good anyway. an only needed if you intend playing nero digital mp4