Win a free TDK Cyclone drive

I just posted the article Win a free TDK Cyclone drive….

TDK Europe gives away a TDK Cyclone 16x CD-R/RW Writer. You will have to answer some questions, but here are the answers

The new TDK Cyclone CD-R/RW writer records at an amazing 16x. But what…

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URL please :slight_smile:

Oh sorry it’s right above I see sorry! :slight_smile:

For those of you who can’t find it:

And the more people participate, the slimmer my chances of winning will become…so please don’t enter :wink:
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This competition sucks, its only for people who live Europe. What about Australia and the US :frowning:

Usually it is the other way around. Almost every sweepstake out on the web is for US residents only… Can we have one too…for once? :wink: