WIN a brand new Lite-On iHAS524 DVD Writer!

Here is another giveaway for you! This time Lite-On was so kind to offer us three iHAS524 DVD writers, which you can win!

The Lite-On iHAS524 supports 24x DVD±R, 8x/6x DVD+RW/-RW, and 8x DVD+R/DL-R DL writing technology, allowing Double/Dual Layer discs of 8.5GB to be written. The Lite-On iHAS524 also supports DVD-RAM reading and writing at 12x speed, and SmartErase features, and also one of the first drives to feature LabelTag.

Deewrote an in-depth reviewon the iHAS524 DVD writer, which she summarized as: “A great feature set and not too many negative points, the Lite-On iHAS524 is generally an excellent drive”. No wonder this drive scored an editor rating of excellent and received our MyCE “Safe Buy” award.

The only thing you have to do is to let us know why you would like to win this Lite-On DVD writer. Let us know below (just reply in this thread – it is that easy!) or send us an e-mail at contest(@) You can participate until Monday the 8th of March, and after that we will pick two winners.


PS: do you want an extra chance to win this Lite-On dvd writer? Let us know via Twitter why you want to win the Lite-On iHAS524, and increase your chances to win: we’re giving away one additional drive via Twitter only. Let us know via Twitter and follow both us and LiteOn, and you’ll automatically enter the contest.

Cuz my old Liteon burned out a few months ago, and it was the bestest burner I ever had… now I have to burn discs with a lighter instead of a liteon :doh:

I have no burner to make my music DVD’s so I can become rich and famous and save the world like Bono…:sad:

Your decision may change the course of the world as we know it :eek:

I would like to try it out! I have had 2 LG’s and they always screw up the DL burns. I dont think its the discs since they are Verbatim.

So I don’t have to ask my friend from Far East to bring another one over for me (in NA)? :bigsmile:

I deserve one because I am handsome and awesome.

I would die for one but unfortunately there isn’t any time soon that it will come state side here… :sad:

I have used them in the past when they first came out. The drives went out on me way too soon within a year usually. I have no faith in Lite-On right now since then so this would be a great deal for me to renew my faith in this brand of drive. I have bought about 6 drives in the past when DVD burning was new to all and these brand drives always burned up on me within a year. Renew my faith again Lite-On by allowing me to be one of the winners of this drive and I’ll see it is stronger than before so I can purchase more Lite-On brands in the future.

I am in the process of building my ultimate video editing computer. I have already purchased everything except for the optical drive, mouse, and speakers. I am trying to determine which optical drive is the best. If I were to win this drive, I would thoroughly test it and enjoy it. I think that the new label feature may be quite useful as well.

[QUOTE=CDan;2496079]I deserve one because I am handsome and awesome.[/QUOTE]

And humble. Don’t forget humble.

I already have a new Pioneer standing by if my current Pioneer dies. If it was a Blu-ray reader then I’d be all over this like John Pinette on a Krispy Kreme.

Okay, what the heck. Let’s give it a go.

If I were to win this drive I would sell it to buy a Blu-ray drive. No, wait. I mean I would sell it and give the money to cancer research. Yes, that’s what I would do.

So, umm… how does this work? You’ll mail me the drive?

I want this drive because of this very good burn quality, scanning capabilities and I don’t have a labeltag enabled drive.

I could burn my discs in the dark, but I’d rather burn with the Lite-On! :smiley:

Hmm, let’s see:

My computer is all beige. Such a black drive would be a nice uglyfication of it.
And I can also disable the computer’s capability to boot from USB if I install my SiI3512 controller card in order to install that Litey.

Reasons good enough? :bigsmile:

'cause I need 1 more burner to make “lucky” #21:rolleyes:

I’d like one because I’ve only got one burner (an ancient SamSung 182).

I don’t want it, thank you

Hi! I’d love this new burner for my game machine… I’m serving in the Navy far away in Okinawa, Japan… and good gear is hard to get! This sweepstakes would help tremendously get my rig going to pass the off-hours…




I’m keen to finally get a LiteOn drive which has zero drawbacks… I had too many bad experience so far with them, starting with the 811. :frowning:

LBNL I’m a drive freak. :smiley:

Hi! what a nice giveaway! well I would love to win because my DVD RW just died on me the other night , it was an older unit…

I was hit by a car. my wife caught me cheating, I stole money out of the cash drawer at work, I have tons of illegal software, and I sold one of my kidneys to science and I feel that I should be one of the lucky ones to get a free drive…thank you.