Win 98 Problems with ND2500A

I am trying to install the ND2500A in a system with Win 98.
I have read the Troubleshooting guide that is posted and have gone through it. I have also have printed out the Windows 9X guide and tried to apply that information to the setup. It is a Dell computer with 100 Gig hard drive, 250 Mb Iomega, CD Rom all are IDE. I am running 40 wire cable ( I know that recommendation is 80 wire.) I have set it to run as a primary slave to the 100 Gb IDE Western Digital HD. Cable select was not selected. There is no option to turn the DMA on in the bios or system devices.

Can anyone help?

Thanking you in advance.


Are you able to set DMA on the hard drive or the CD ROM?

Straight out of the troubleshooting guide: Wombles Windows 98 guide

What I have is Windows 98 not Windows 98se. I think that is the problem. There is no Place in Control Panel,System, Device Manager, Under each of the IDE drives properties-where there is a box, highlighted or not highlighted, that is titled DMA. Nothing to check or uncheck-nothing.

Thanks for your response and help.

Remove the Zip drive and put the NEC alone as master on one channel.

I try it and thanks

I tried your, rdgrimes, suggestion-making the ND2500a a master on one channel-it worked!!!
Thank you for your help and suggestion