Win 98,+plex24 10 40a =problems

dont know if anybody can help but here it is . i have had a old tdk rw that i wanted to replace, after asking around i got the plex 24 10 40a got home simply removed the tdk installed the plex problem is the computer wont recognize the burner, the software or even the origanal cd rom , i have been through the wires several times, double checked that the burner is the master and the original is the slave, and here is where stuff gets really wierd,on start up the computer will freeze on the ibm screen before it loads windows, unless i disconect the power to the original cd rom, then it loads no problem even though iy still wont let the plex or software do anything, i dont know alot about many of the settings they talk about ie. changing the bios? or dma. i dont think it should be a wire problem as there isnt much there to screw up …but i just cant figure this one out…thanks for any help/advise:(

Can you please post your setup? Are you using an IDE-system? If so please try running the system with the Plextor writer on the second channel as master. Leave the slave position empty. Then if that works ok try adding a second device and make sure it’s set to slave. Please mention how you primary IDE channel is configured.