Win 98 and multi-session

I use Win 98 SE. I have a Lite-on 411 DVD writer. I use the bundled software that came with it to write data disks (Sonic MyDVD)

According to the docs, if I write a multi-session DVD, I see only the frst session. D’Oh!

Is there any way around this? Drivers? Software? I was told when buying that it was "just like a CD’ but this is obviously not so.

Thanks for any advice

It’s a while ago that I did this , so pardon my french.

If you go to my computer and right click on your dvd you wil get a menu with options.

Klik the one on the bottom .In the contrary of a normal disc where you get a bunch of panels , now there is one added where you can select which part of the dvd you wanne load.If you select one , then you will get it.Although this is the explenation for a normal cd so I think It will also work with a dvd.

Have fun with it.

Thanks for coming back.

I tried what you suggested. But even with a CD in the DVD drive, I do not see what you describe. I will try one if my data CDs/DVDs and see if that works. I used a commercial data CD.

It’s difficult to explain , but I thing you have the same thing .You can visualise it but to explain it , it’s very difficult.

And my windows is in dutch so when you have to explain it into english than it’s very difficult.

But don’t stop trying.

Remember , it’s all under the right button.

I will try again.

But know more up to speed.

You go to your dvd drive D: , right mouse button on it , then select properties and then you get a menu.Just click on a few of it and you will see what I mean.

I don’t think I can bring you any closer to it so good luck.

I just had an idea.

What If you opened it with nero and said that you wanted to continue the multi session .(Don’t do this) but thats a way to get into the different layers.And copy the files from there on .