Win 8 Microsoft account cannot sign on



I am trying to sign in to my Microsoft account, (just installed Win 8 Pro), my sign in is supposed to be durkinjt AT, when I try to sign in ,my other e-mail appears, unrox AT , when I try a password, it fails, go to change and it will not accept the the unrox AT, no such name available., Here’s the crazy part, it WILL accept the durkinjt AT verizon as a recognized sign and allows me to change the password, low and behold when I try to sign in it shows the unrox AT In my profile it shows the dutkinjt AT verizon as my e-mail.Driving me nuts.So far, until I installed the old start menu, Win 8 in general was rough. I finally closed the account as told, I signed up again, now it won’t accept either password. Help PLEASE.


Doesn’t that have to be an Microsoft account? hotmail, msn?


I changed the emails a bit. Hope that is enough to keep the spam-bots from gleaning them.

We don’t allow personal email addresses to be posted in the open forums.


They are but damned if I can get them into Win 8, when I down loaded Win 8, asked me for all my e-mails, for the Microsoft account, did so and now they will not recognize them