Win 8.1's TV ad



This video:


of the “start panel” which takes us from the Start Screen to the, gulp, Start Screen.

It does show that multiple running applications can apparently be seen at one time - on the Start Screen side of things. Still no productivity although “waving one’s hand about” must be enough exertion for at least one sweaty CEO.

(Once again, flubbed the INSERT YOUTUBE button…)


I thought you were going to talk about this video:

The irony is that the RT doesn’t come with a keyboard either, but you have to buy that blue keyboard for $119. That’s in the fine print at the bottom of the ad where you can barely read it. So yeah, once you add in the $119+$350-$469 vs. $540 for the latest gen 32Gb iPad. (Another irony, that keyboard is now $79 on Microsofts own store, so they are overinflating the price of their own product). Of course they also don’t mention the part about RT and the recovery partition taking up 16Gb out of the 32Gb storage space.


Thanks, Oly, for correcting that!

The ad’s hand-waving isn’t quite as dazzling to some, I suppose, who remember that Walt Disney’s American TV show was doing this back in 1954’s opening shots.

Oh well, Windows 8.1 has to try SOMETHING to get attention.

I guess a wand would have been too much.