Win 7 Pro 64 bit updates broke Realtek Audio HD driver


Hi, I have the Realtek ALC889 sound card software on my Gigabyte m/b. When I installed the latest Microsoft Win 7 updates, my driver broke causing playback of my music to skip, stutter, click. I uninstalled and delete the Realtek software. Reboot and reinstalled the Gigabyte Realtek audio driver. No change. Uninstall and delete the driver. I went and download the latest Realtek audio driver for my version of the soundcard. Installed it and I still experience the same sound problems. Is there any fix for my sound problems. If I don’t installed the latest Win 7 updates after a fresh install of the O/S, my music playback is fine.


Have a check in the device manager properties for the sound card to see if it shows ‘Roll Back Driver’. If the culprit is a new sound driver coming through Windows update, this button will let you go back to the previous driver:

If this doesn’t work or the button is greyed out, I suggest uninstalling the last updates one by one until the sound returns to normal, e.g. any updates shown as released in June or July 2017. If you identify the update (i.e. sound returns to normal after uninstalling a particular update), you can mention the update KB # here.


Rolling back my driver takes me back to Microsoft generic audio HD driver. Even this driver is broken because my sound will click and pop, stutter and skip. The only updates that will impact my audio driver as far as I know is Net Framework updates (KB4019112 and KB2894844). Researching on Microsoft knowledge based web site indicate this update media output. When I go to the uninstall program page, I can’t locate these two updates, however, I can see it in my update history page. I tried using system restore, I can’t completely roll back to time before these two updates. I know I can do another fresh install of the O/S and update my O/S while omitting two updates. I can’t believe why my sound card driver is broken doing these 2 KB updates and other people have not encounter similar problems.


I fixed this problem by not installing Zonealarm firewall. So far, every thing is running smoothly.
Again, thanks to everyone for the help.