Win 7 driver for PX-755UF?



The old Dell desktop that I used to use for ripping CD’s with EAC and a Plextor PX-755UF is now running Win 7 Pro (x64) and does not recognize the drive. Is there a driver that will get me back in business with that OS and drive? If so, can you point me to a source for the driver?


as far as I am aware of, no driver is available or necessary.

as a wild guess (too little information), I think this is down to a software installation done after the OS was installed.

Have you checked for a BIOS update?
Is the drive listed in BIOS?
Are you able to boot from a bootable disc?

BTW: Welcome to the forum :flower:


Xercus, thank you for your prompt assistance!

For no reason I can determine, when I connected the drive today via a USB 2.0 connection, Win 7 decided to play nice and recognized the drive. It is working fine.

And, thank you for your welcome to the forum. I see a bunch of interesting content and will be hanging around and learning what I can.