Win 32 error

when it tryed to install sonic stage, it came up with the following message: “is not a valid win 32 application” i then borrowed my friends copy, and the same happened. 2day i bought FEAR and Battlefield 2 and both did the exact same. Does any1 know what this means or how to fix it???

Once again, try the Software Forum…This one is not the place for tech. requests. The Software Forum is a better place to go.

Somebody’s been crossposting ;)…that’s the second thread that’s been posted here, and in the Software/Hardware forums.

Sorry about redirecting the enquiry, Arachne… I didn’t realise it was a cross-post. I just didn’t think the post was in the most appropriate place.

You were right, it’s not the place for a tech post! And no need to be sorry, I think he posted in the other forums before you replied. :slight_smile:

Thought as much…

no crossposting please - closed