Win 2000 win 98 games

hello i have carnivores2 (a game) and it only works on the win98,win95 and ME operation platforms, the problem is i have 2 computers (1 winXP and 1 win2000pro) and i wonna put the game on one of them witouth making a second partition to install 95,98,me. Is this possible, by for example a virtual computer like the macintosh computers use so they can use the winapplications? or is there any other way ?

edit: and before i forget, hello people cause im new here :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you already tried running it?
Most games should be no problem under Windows 2000 and even less chance on problems with Windows XP…

greetings admin, and yup i allready tried running it, its says wrong operating system :slight_smile: (im not a noobie i yust dont know if there is any other way other then to make an extra partition to run this game :P) like for example some kind of virtual computer where i dont know anything about :confused:

(OT: dutch: groetjes man, want ik heb ook net gemerkt dat je van NL bent, ik ben van antwerpe BE :stuck_out_tongue: , en een darn nice postcount heb je)

um, have you tried using the winxp compatiblity feature?

is it a dos based game?

To unlock compatibility mode in Windows 2000 (SP4) go to Run menu and type

regsvr32 %systemroot%\AppPatch\slayerui.dll

Then make a shortcut to the executable. If the CD won’t let you install, make a shortcut to the installer on the CD. Right click the shortcut and now there is a compatibility tab, where you can select Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT4 SP5 mode.