Win 10 suddenly shuts down

ok thanks, ill leave all as is for now. and do Bios in the future as its going to be a bit over my head, will see how the shut issue goes over next several weeks.

is there a file the PC keeps when a sudden shutdown happens, that way you can see perhaps what the reason for it was. or is that not an option

The current bios version i think i have is version 1203 / Date 23-10-2020.

thanks for your help on these issues and to the other members as well.

I had an issue like that on Windows 10 Pro and I ran a cleaner, yes its a reg cleaner but a lot more , most of the one I have tried didn’t work and some even messed up my rig, but this one is the real deal. Its called jv16Power Tools, it’s not a new program, it has been around for years and you can choose the tool you want to run. Plus it makes a full backup so you can restore if something does happen, but I have never had to use it for restore, it fixes issues and if it doesn’t fix them it tells you where to look. It’s really up to the user all I am saying some of these tools actually work. This is one of them. Its got a fully functional free trial, I like it. But its up to the user.

The Blue Screen which shows momentarily, gives an error number which will point toward the cause of the shutdown. However Windows is usually set to restart automatically so the BSOD is gone too quickly.
There is a user setting which will hold the blue screen until you push the reset button, and this will give you a chance to read or even photograph the screen.

Right-click your Computer icon, and go to Properties - you’ll be in the About section.
Go down to Related Settings and click on Advanced System Settings
Select the Advanced tab, and go down to Start-up and Recovery. Click the Settings button.
In the middle of the Start-up and Recovery page there’s a section called System Failure

Remove the check mark from “Automatically restart”, click OK, and go back to your usual screen.

Now when your computer shows the blue screen it will hold there until you press the computer’s reset button. Record the error number shown, and bring it back here to the forum for advice.
If you want your computer to automatically restart once more, just follow the same instructions, put the check back in the box and click OK again.

Good tip, I never knew that but heck, there is so much I don’t know if I started now I could on for years. :joy:

ill keep that tool in mind , but first i want to see if the above updates i did fix the issue.

hi m8, i just did what u recommended, and see what error code it gives next time it does it. ill wait now to see how everything goes before i try anything else.
thank a lot again guys.

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just an update, so far i have not had and blue screen shut downs, i was waiting til windows did its monthly update a few days ago, as that was when i saw the issue happening a lot after the update and over the next several days after the update it would occur. so, so far its all been good. thanks guys, and hopefully all stays good.

Its nice to hear its sorted, and thanks for letting us know.