Win 10 hard drive setting

Hi, I can’t make to permanently enable win 10 to never turn off my hard drives. I have gone to the advanced power setting in the power & sleep settings page. I clicked on never setting for hard drives. But Win 10 will not keep this setting. It will always switched back to time out of certain minutes. I have search online but I can’t find any solutions.

I have not seen Windows 10 switch that setting back to a timed option. I have my power options set to high performance and the hard disk item in the advanced option set to never. I access the power option via the control panel if that makes any difference.

Hi, I try your way too. Win 10 still change my power plan back to balanced and turn off my hard drives after certain minutes. I restart my computer after doing the changes. Still not maintaining my high performance setting and never turn off my hard drives. Am I missing a step or what?