Win 10 DVD player software


Was not sure where to put this so tried here. Been using 1Click for years and built a new PC and had to go to Win10. Used Win7 for years and used the old standard media player in Win7 to preview the movie before making a copy.

Fired up Win10 and it does not include anything to play the DVD. Looked on the Net and D/L’d VLC as a replacement. I get some kind of pink snow and some sound but can’t view much. I was just looking for a simple software solution to play a DVD when I stick it in the drive. I don’t need a fancy media collection manager, just something to play a DVD (not even a Blu-Ray) when I put it in the drive.

If it matters any, The CPU is a AMD Ryzen 2400G with built in Graphics processor on a Asrock B450 mobo driving a couple of screens.


VLC should work, don’t know why you are having issues.

I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema, which you can download here:

MPC-HC doesn’t seem to be developed as extensively these days, and there is another fork of this software you might also look at called MPC-BE.


Pot Player is a great player.


Thanks for the link. I got it installed and it seems to work great for what I need.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it my default app in Win10 when I insert a DVD.


Since you are using Windows 10 I don’t think you are much concerned about privacy, but last time I checked PotPlayer and with all options disabled, it was still trying to connect to the internet, which I personally find suspicious.