Willy Wonka DVD (2005) copy protection

I’m not sure why but they must’ve implemented some new kind of copy protection on the new Charlie and the chocolate factory dvd. I just bought it for my son the other day and he has the tendancy to scratch the dvd discs so i went to do a backup on dvd shrink and it says the dvd is copy protected. i’ve never had this trouble before when i backed up his finding nemo dvd. Anyone know why this is?

Dvd shrink is not updated as are other free programs.You need an updated program like the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd from slysoft.com. Anydvd takes out the encription or copy protection and clonedvd will back it up to a dvd. These are trial programs for 21 days. You can also use dvdfab free. You can do a search of this forum for lots of info. good luck.