Willl Slysoft make anydvd or an program besides to handle cd/dvd game limitations?

Willl Slysoft make anydvd or an program besides to handle cd/dvd game limitations ?
So you can make an backup of your cd/dvd game without restrtictions on it like anydvd has for dvd movies ?

I’m not from Slysoft but it’s not the same thing to copy a game or a dvd movies. The protection of DVD (CSS is a “software” protection) but the protection of games are hardware. A special burn of the cd… For the moment, the only possibility to copy a game is an emulation software… The game works but the protection isn’t copy… And now, video games company track emulation software and add a protection to scan if this software is installed. If yes, you have an error message and the game doesn’t work… We must wait than computer scientist find a way to copy protection.

Thank you for your interest, but at the moment there are no plans for such a product.

Ok thanx, for you expertise. If you do so Slysoft, you got a extra fanclub :slight_smile:

ok. look this answer ===> www.s_w_willy.sloyt.com

If you haven’t yet, check out www.farstone.com. It will back up games. I’ve even used VirtualDrive Pro successfully with EA discs.

I’ve written many guides about videogames on the web for the past 7-10 years, if you need help, email me, and let me know a detailed question and I’ll send you a responce and help as best as I can.

Thanks lostinlodos I sended an question to you already.

Griobhtha which program is the best than from farstone for backing up a game, have you tried it from their site ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: