Willa US HD-A3 Play HD Pal discs?


I was wondering if the HD-A3 can play pal HD-DVD Disc’s, and if not
is there any hack or firmware that will allow it do so.

If not are their any HD Players that will play both right out of the

Thanks for the help. Pal has titles that US does not.

There’s no such thing as PAL HD-DVD, all HD-DVD is the same. Any HD-DVD player will play any HD-DVD disc. It cannot play SD-DVD in PAL, or region coded DVD’s that are from outside your region.

If you’re looking for imported discs in the USA, Xploited is as good a place as any.

Yup, that was one of the many benefits of the HD-DVD format as it is region free so you can pick up an HD-DVD disc from anywhere in the world and it will play in your player.

Also, you can order from amazon’s German site as they have some decent deals going and will ship to the US.

Here is a site for the conversion rates: