Will Zune fail? Ten reasons why!

Check out this link to read about the Zune, as seen by a certain blogger that has looked into what the device’s shortcomings are.

Here’s a related article from computerworld

[B]Zune: So you want to be an iPod killer[/B]

Story: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9005366&pageNumber=1

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They are so obvious and seemingly easy to fix you have to keep asking, “Just what were they (Microsoft) thinking?”

Wow, platinumsword! That article is a great read. If I didn’t feel so brain dead right now, I’d find a way to do a proper write-up of it for the front page. Thanks for submitting this link. :iagree:

The Zune won’t fail. The iPod (even though I own one) is a piece of junk. It pisses me off cause if I wan’t to change PC’s with my iPod I have to back up iTunes. Also if I upload one of my cds with iTunes then upload one by the same band it may create to differnt folders. For example I upload Killswitch Enage’s End of Heartache then upload Killswitch Engage’s Daylight Dies. It may create two differnt folders on my iPod. The Zune is bigger, but I love how I can aculty see the screen when I’m watching a movie. I am about to buy the Sanso Player which looks very good.