Will your big-screen Super Bowl party violate copyright law?

An offhand comment the other day by a friend caught my attention—“Did you know that you can’t watch the Super Bowl on a TV screen larger than 55 inches? Yeah, it’s right there in the law.”

With the Colts and Saints set to do battle in Super Bowl XLIV, this seemed worth looking into as a public service. Could it be that some of those giant flat panel TV sets now finding their way into US living rooms are actually violating copyright law?

Link: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/01/will-your-big-screen-super-bowl-party-violate-copyright-law.ars


Who cares…

I highly doubt there will be inspectors going around knocking on private house doors to inspect their TV sizes. :disagree:

On the other hand, it wouldn’t really surprise me if someone does end up in court over this. E.g. where a cable operator checks on a residence over suspect illegal decoding to discover a massive crowd there watching this game on a projected 120" picture . . .

LOL… nice… great going to my lovely country.

pathetic… the country is broke so i wouldnt be surprised if they do start giving out fines…