Will you Upgrade to Vista on Jan 31st

i just switched to linux because of a few factors.

  1. the price for vista is crazy and i am getting tired of spending several hundred bucks every few years. i bought win95,win98, winme what a joke and then xp at that will be my last purchase of windows

  2. the hardware you will need to run vista are too high for me. i mean you will need to build a beast to run it fast. since i switched to linux my computer runs much faster.

  3. no spyware and no viruses for now atleast is really nice :clap:

  4. FREE SOFTWARE!!! and good software i had no idea how good it was until i tried some of them.

i’ve been using ubuntu and has very good support in there forums and i think very user friendly.

Well I’ve been running VISTA for a long time already :smiley: (As a legal beta tester) and a copy sent by M$ so I guess I have no choice. I am running VISTA on a dual boot with Windows XP Pro SP2 - But honestly I would not totally migrate to VISTA just yet, mind you I’ve beta tested since VISTA was available and I have no complaints, on a powerful enough system it runs great, I found games to load faster and play faster too, BUT the OS is bloaty, takes a lot of HD space (8 GB for the ultimate version :D) If I didn’t have the opportunity to use this free I would not bother (it’s expensive) my legal copy of VISTA expires sometimes in 2007, so I still have a few more months to enjoy it :D)

Tried vista.on a very powerful rig. It is nice but… for the first time I wasn’t eager to switch to this new OS.
I was very impressed with win 95 , 98 se, (Millenium sucked big time), win 2k , win xp
and every time I had the chance I immediately switched to the new OS. But Vista…
didn’t run quite smoothly on my super rig , (raid 0 , 2 gig ram 80 mhz, 6600 dual core, 1950 pro ati) , plus I cannot understand how M$ ask so much for an OS that needs so many resources for the DRM “proper functioning”. And i gotta say that strangely enough i saw some resemblance of the GUI with the one from Suse Linux

The bad part is that future games that will rely on DX 10 will function only on Vista since Direct X 10 won’t be released for XP.
I would’t switch too soon to Vista. For the moment I think it is not worth it

Already have it - Love it. Some of whats been posted in this thread is simply regurgitated bullocks based on rumours from blogs written by those with a passion for hating M$ that are simply not factual.

Yes Driver support sucks at present but at the rate that working drivers have been getting churned out (from Nov to now) it will not be an issue. Bloated? Not if your half IT literate. DRM? Yet to see any ill effects, I’m still doing everything that I’ve done on XP. Bugs? nothing to speak of and what I have found was not relative to the OS (but yes there are bugs).

M$ Fanboi? Hell no - I love my ix’s and ux’s but I tell you what M$ have really got my attention with this OS. When I received it I wanted to do my best to prove it would crumble beneath me. What I actually found was that it was one of the most stable platforms I’ve ever worked with (as far as a GUI based OS goes).

My point is - dont knock it til you try it (or at least see it in action).

Sure, people will use it because it comes with their new PC. They just won’t know how much faster their system would run on W2K, XP or Linux (what with a 300-400MB base-line RAM usage and Aero interface - most hardware will be obsolete after January 31st).

I’ll probably get just so I can have DX10 and play Crysis on it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I generally duel boot for a whiel with a new OS just in case. I would love to finally go full 64bit but there are just no drivers around.

I have an upgrade to Vista Home Premuim comming my way so I will try it on one drive and keep running XP on the others, so at least I am not stuck with just Vista. From what I have seen so far I am not that impressed with Vista.

[o/t] if the question is ‘will you upgrade to vista’ the answers to the poll should have been
’i will…’
‘i will…’ :wink: [o/t]

I got a Vista Business license I’ll install it this month and see how it works. I probably won’t switch directly from XP Pro to Vista there’ll be a coexistence for the near future I guess…

^ location written in cyrillic and yet so hopelessly lost :bigsmile: :flower:

running vista bussness version now, and have been for about week. it seems to run faster than XP. keep in mind i am using it on a core2duo machine. and i am very glad i did. will i go back to XP…hummm i don’t think so. does vista run perfect…no but the issues are very minor. not to mention XP never really ran perfect either. :slight_smile:

No, looks like a very good day to install OS X thought ;D

The biggest thing I wonder is how it is on resources. If it is going to hog system resources and slow down the system more than xp, I see no reason to upgrade. I have heard that it does but don’t know from personal experience. I actually have a legal beta copy but never installed it due to availability of drivers, and I’m guessing it is too late to install it now (just guessing but I figured there would be some sort of dated activation or something).

Mr. Gates will not see my money as soon as that. He will have to fix a lot of bugs first and all the third party drives that I use need to be available. Then I will consider it.

Running Business version now. My PC is rated as one which is the worse of all rates so it’s not running well. Using XP, Vista is just something for playing now…

No, I am going to wait for SP3 to come out for XP then when they get to SP2 in Vista I will consider it.

I think that s a good idea, but I am going to put it on my Laptop ( Vista Premium ) and leave XP on my desktop. I like new things even if they don’t work as well as expected at first, I think XP will be supported for at least a few more years so you made a good choice.

I’ve been running Vista in a dual boot scenario both at work and at home for several months now. Once my Action Pack comes in, I’ll be upgrading both to Business. I’m getting ready for a new build, and will use my Vista Ultimate OEM license on that one.

It’s really a nice OS, once you tone down UAC. The integrated search is simply awesome. Far better than any search solution for XP. As for performance, Folding@Home sure likes Vista. I’ve been getting results that are roughly 6% faster than on the XP install on my dual boot PC’s.

Mr. Gates has done well on this one, except for the fact that it’s way past the triple-quadruple revised due date, and some features got axed. Still, very nice and something my company will likely deploy in the next 6-12 months.

I bought a new pc in november that was vista capable with a 160 gig hd and 1.0 gig of ram and a Dual core 2 Processor.It came with a free upgrade to Vista Home Ultimate.But I’m not sure if I’ll upgrde it right away or not when it arrives.

I’ll get Vista … when I upgrade my hardware and Winxp is no longer an option :stuck_out_tongue: