Will you Upgrade to Vista on Jan 31st

I would like to know how many people are really looking forward to the relase of Vista so I have created a Poll. It is not necessary to say whether you will use Vista Home or Vista Ultimate.

As soon as I get my 8800gtx I will seriously think about it. Where the poll? Im blind. Will have to see how crysis plays on XP pro. If its good but theres just something missing then most likely will get vista.

The poll is at the head of the thread Greg, thanks;)

I wouldn’t say I’ll stay with XP “no matter what”, but I’ll certainly stick with XP as long as it’s supported (no option for that one, thus I didn’t vote).

Vista doesn’t exactly thrill me at the moment :disagree:

I will probably stay with XP on my desktop machine which is used more like a server.

For my laptop which is my everyday machine, I will wait until Vista has sorted out most bugs and most software is compatible. Then I’ll make a decision whether to upgrade or not.

Depending on how long this takes, I might wait until upgrading my hardware.

I love anything new to try out ,
but at the moment IE 7 dosent recognise my printer,and was told at pc shop that works on my computer VISTA kneeds 1 gig of Memory.

Why is Vista considered an “upgrade”? Still using Win2000 here and VERY satisfied with it. Vista will contain support for all sorts of DRM and massive bloatware.
So I think the poll needs another option: none of the above.

Exactly, this is why it doesn’t thrill me. :wink:

You are correct CDan, I should have taken more time to choose the options. My main point was to see if a massive amount of members will be waiting on line to get Vista on the 31st when it is released. It will have an effect on alot of software here on the forum, especially the freeware if people choose the 64 bit version. Alot of drivers are not signed yet.

I’d prefer to stay away from Vista precisely because of the DRM it supports. For me, if I go Vista, then I feel like I’m saying DRM is ok, and hence, saying it’s ok to continue depriving us of our fair use rights.

Good point Quema34. I believe you are not alone concerning this issue.:disagree:

I played around with Vista Beta&RC’s last year and 64-bit was great, if it weren’t for the “digitally signed” drivers it needs. With 32-bit I got some weird CPU-usage and buffer problems when burning (of all things) on my mobo. After that I set up a minimal XP in RAID-0 and there’s no looking back for me. Won’t need Vista any time soon. Too much hard disk trashing as well (all kinds of indexing, Defender and other Big Brother stuff I guess).

That’s a major reason why I’m not overly excited about Vista. :iagree:

The massive DRM is also the reason why I don’t believe in Blu-ray or HD-DVD and hope they both will fail in their current form.

I will not be using Vista for some time.
I cannot understand why there is not an outcry regarding the pricing structure, it is way to expensive for an operating system with a few goodies thrown in, considering the potential world market.

not sure, as i’m thinking of a new PC, which may come with Vista installed

I’ll probably stay with XP as long as it’s supported .
I like the occasional pc game but I hate drm.
If I have to build a new PC any time soon there’s a good chance that it will be a dual boot that runs Linux/XP.

I’ll stick with W2k :slight_smile:

Same way I’m thinking… when the time is ripe for a new PC, will be the only time I’ll consider Vista - hopefully by the time XP goes out of support, most of the potential exploits will already have been shaken down and fixed.

Vista = fluff, bloat & more DRM

I ran Win 3.11 to the point when hardware and software support was getting to be an issue, Win98 up to getting a new system with XP - on that basis, I’d really be looking to hold off until whatever comes after Vista, and by that time, maybe Linux will make the breakthrough.

The only reason I switched to XP was DVD-RAM support and future hardware upgrades (Creative audio that only got drvs for XP). So I will stay with XP for as long as all my hardware is covered. … and then I’ll learn Linux. :iagree:

Hi :wink:
Can’t say I’m too bothered. Most of the cosmetics are available already.
I was one of the first with XPPro. Icould well be the last. :bigsmile: