Will Xbox be able to play dvdR and dvdr DL?

My dvd in my house is an RCA and it has no problems playing dvdr’s but i just burnt a movie on a DVDR+DL disk and it wont read on my dvd player. I tried the other 2 dvd players in my house and it worked. I was hoping that my x box would play both types of dvd’s but i dont wanna buy the remote for it unless it will work! Does anyone have any experience with playing the dvd’s in the xbox?

Thanks again everyone


Yup. The XBOXs in general are very picky with media. However, if you happen to have the XBOX Samsung drive in your XBOX then you should be fine. Although in order to read DVD+R you will definitely need to make sure to adjust the booktype/bitsetting option. D/L seems to be hit and miss. Some get them to work, some don’t. Movie D/L DVD+R discs seem to have the best results though. :wink:

k u confused me alittl ehere. How do i know if i have the samsung drive in my xbox? Also if i do or if i dont what u mean exactly by changing the booktype/bitsetting option? where is that option? also if i change that setting will that affect playback on regular dvd players in the house?

thanks alot for your help


For changing the booktype/bitsetting option, it all depends on which burner you have (post which burner you have here). For regular DVDR, you could just avoid the confusion and go with a quality DVD-R disc as they are compatible with all 3 drives in the XBOX. For D/L you are on your own as the results are mixed. As for changing the setting, it certainly won’t hurt playback ability on regular DVD Players, it will only help it’s compatibility. Which DVD Drive do you have in your XBOX? Simple. Eject the tray on your XBOX and compare the pattern with the following photo.:

ok on my x box it has the samsung drive in it. and the burner i own is the Sony DRX-700UL. Can u explain to me in detail where and how and what i need to set the bitsetting /booktype to?

Thanks so much for your help.

Im just trying to not have to buy another DVD player ya know?!


Your burner doesn’t support the booktype/bitsetting option. At least not to my knowledge. I believe your burner is a re-badged Lite-On though. You might be able to find a firmware upgrade for it over at http://rpc1.org. If there is a firmware out for the drive that supports that, they will have it. Since you have a Samsung you are definitely going to have to change that before any + format disc will work. DVD-R will work without having to do anything though. :wink:

well my xbox did play a dvd+r movie but it didnt not play the dvd+r DL…I am guessing i am gonna have to buy a different dvd player for my room…sniffles…owell.

Thanks for all of your help