Will washing a game DVD with soap damage it?

I just bought a used Xbox game and it is really dirty and have tons of finger prints on it. So I decided to wash it off with warm water some liquid soap and dry it off with a soft paper towel. But can doing so damage a game DVD?

Thank you

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If you’ll be careful to not scratch the disc, the washing itself will not damage the disc.

btw, because of the soap can leave some residuals on the disc, I suggest to use something different like isopropyl alcohol or a cleaning liquid specifically suited for disc cleaning (there are many types available in stores). Also the lens cleaning fluid is rather good to remove dirt from discs :slight_smile:

Moreover, when you’ll dry the disc, be careful to use a tissue in the direction of diameters, not circularly :slight_smile:

If the disc got really dirty some way I would use a watered down solution of diswashing detergent.
Then clean the residue off a disc cleaning liquid(as posted by geno888) .
If only slightly dirty I would start with the disc cleaning liquid.
Myself I usually start with a good quality dust cloth.
Be careful to use in the direction of diameters, not circularly.
Then I also have some CD Cleaning tissues if necessary.
Most of the time the disc doesn’t need further cleaning than what these two will do.

Avoid hot water…

As stated above, use a diluted dishwashing detergent. Perhaps one or two drops in a pint of lukewarm water. Rub gently using your wet forefinger. Rinse well with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cotton cloth like jersey cotton material. (Terry cloth can sometimes scratch!)

Don’t use soap as it is a fat-based product and will definitely leave soap residue!