Will VirtualDub changes reduce quality?

  1. If I use VirtualDub to adjust the volume of several x264/AC3 .avi files, will the output file have a decreased audio and/or video quality?

  2. If I’m trying to match the volume level of several files, is there a way to do this other than just guessing what to change?

  3. Should I reduce the volume of the louder ones or increase the volume of the lower ones? Is it the same or will one deteriorate quality moreso than the other?

You should have continued posting on your other very similar thread…

Back to-topic, if you set video to ‘Direct Stream Copy’ and the Audio to ‘Full Processing Mode’,and save with lowered volume,the answer is/should be, no quality loss…If I were doing it, I would lower the volume to match the others, since raising may introduce distortion,clipping etc…Try it and see/hear for yourself…

Is there a way to get a bunch of different .avi files to the same volume other than just guessing what adjustments should be made?

Have fun reading…:slight_smile: