Will using a hardrive less makes it last longer?

i’ve been reading some of the older threads here about USB HDD longevity, and looks like most HDDs in regular use on average only have about 2-3 years, whereas older ones purchased prior to 2002 have lasted for 5-7 years despite also being in regular use back then. so my question is, if modern made ones don’t last as long as they used to anymore, would not using them at all unless absolutely necessary prolong the life expectancy of the drives? from what i’ve read lost of people use them very often to backup their data, so what if people used them less often? (EG: get 4 spare drives just to hold the really important data) if the drives are only ever taken out for a quick backup of all the accumulated data ONCE PER year, or not taken out at all for years and years , wouldn’t they last much longer than used? and would be available when you really needed it compared to having it fail on you all of the sudden when you needed it the most?

i was thinking of getting a second brand new usb HDD drive, put my photos in there, then put away the drive in storage. maybe 10 years later the drive would still be accessible? i have an old 20gb drive i bought 9 years ago at futureshop and it still works, i never used the old drive much back then because i simply do not have that amount of data consistently requiring to do a backup, and when i got a pc with a dvd burner, i simply forgot about the drive all together. i have an old playstation 1 console that i never played much and the disc drive and power and everything still works like new on it though if i had played as often as everyone else does it would have broke by now.

so what do you guys think? would less use = longer lifespan for when you really needed it?

No…cause it could be DOA when you buy it and it could last 7-10 years before even a problem shows up. These are electrical devices and as with anything that needs electric to run it can fail without warning or make noise or do something to tell you it is failing or just do nothing and kill on you. Cause the HDD is constantly on when connected to your computer cause your power is connected to it that means it is being feed power even when it is idle state. So if you want to make it last longer well that is the Million dollar question the HDD manufacture are still trying to answer…???

Modern HDD’s should last longer than the older ones. Their is a failure rate for all electronics. Some brands like some of Seagate and the old IBM-Hitachi “deathstar” had manufacturing problems.

If you want your electronics to last as long as possible, use a quality power supply that has minimal ripple and the best surge suppression. Also using a quailty UPS that has the best surge suppression is good too.

If your definition of “Not using it” means “physically disconnected from the power” then yes.

I’m not a fan of most USB drives that you can buy already assembled, mostly because they are built with the cheapest drives of a given manufacturer… IF your external is even made by a company that makes drives…

I won’t trust a notebook drive for “backup”