Will upgrading firmware improve general read/write quality?



I just got an NEC 3550A and a BYTECC ME-320U2 (ALI Chipset); the 3550 is running on the latest offical firmware (1.05), but I was wondering if using a modified firmware (or even crossflashing the drive) would improve the general read/write quality. I am not interested in bitsetting, RPC1 or any other extra features at this point.

If this is a stupid question, let me know, I joined two days ago…

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Modified firmware is usually for exactly what you said you were not interested in. Although sometimes it will give you more speed options, for instance they will usually remove the “rip lock” placed in official firmware,and sometimes they will let an 8X media burn at 16X. Keep in mind that this is not always the best idea to burn at a higher speed than the media is rated at, but some quality media will tolerate this just fine.
Most modified firmware use the official write strategies, and the reason for crossflashing is usually because of limitations of the drive or oem firmware. I use modified firmware primarily for the removal of the rip lock, allowing the drive to read a dvd much faster to the harddrive. Hope this helps.


Yes, thanks, so it seems the answer is no, that unless it changes the write strategies to benefit the media I will be using? I will be using these: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=170032 which will hopefully be TY02.

That answered my question pretty well I think, that means I’ll be sticking with offical firmwares for now…thanks again.