Will this work with my computer?

my cd drive gets my cds weged in when it opens out. will this work with my computer ASUS Internal LightScribe DVD Writer - Black ( http://www.noelleeming.co.nz/computers/accessories/cd-writers/asus-drw-1612bl-black-internal-lightscribe-dvd-writer-black/prod95079.html )

some 1 said u gotta have a modern computer to use it mines about 4 years old. ask me some stuff to see if it well work

and is this a good cd & dvd read and writer BTC Internal 16x Dual Layer CD/DVD Writer ( http://www.noelleeming.co.nz/computers/accessories/cd-writers/btc-drw2016im-internal-16x-dual-layer-cd-dvd-writer/prod91269.html )

Holy crap dude! Can’t you find anything cheaper in NZ? Burners are only $45 in .au

They should work fine … without knowing any more about your PC other than that it’s 4 years old & the drive is ATA/IDE … should be fine.

Another holy crap is do NOT buy a BTC writer :disagree: