Will this new videocard work in my computer?


On my computer says it says “PCI-EXPRESS slot available”. Yesterday i purchased a graphic card, its this one >>>>


will it work on my computer or not???

plz help!!!


It’s a bit difficult answer to this question if you don’t give more details on your computer :slight_smile:

What mainboard do you have?

Looking at the card it says,

Interface: PCI which is different to PCI-E. So unless PCI-E is backwards compatible which I don’t think it is then no it won’t work.

Depends whether your motherboard has any free PCI slots.

Shame you didn’t ask the question before you bought the card.

it has a PCI-EXPRESS slot available… it says that. right now i have a intel graphic card which sucks. and i dont kno what motherboard i have

and i think i have a PCI card… not a PCI-E card if u checked on the site i sent on the first post

According to the site you gave ATI is PCI slot card. It will not work on PCI-E slot. You wont be even able to plug it in. Check your motherboard specification if there is a PCI slot. If I was you I would return the card and get one for PCI-E slot, they are much faster.

Open your case up and [B]LOOK[/B]

I agree with the others, you really should have checked this thoroughly before buying.

Anyway, run Belarc Advisor (Google it), that will tell you all about your system.

The first thing you should know whether you “Motherboard” is PCI “Express” capable and has this side otherwise the answer is NO.

well it worked somehow… i checked with the gateway ppl and they told me how to make it work

and it did work (ATI Radeon 256MB Video Card (9250))

thx for all ur help guys!!!