Will this media work with a NEC2510A?

Please help me, im a noob. Also will this medial allow me to get a movie on it?

Yes and Yes
But I would buy the dvd+r. It has better compatibility

I thought that dvd-r was more compatible with home dvd players than dvd+r

dvd+r will be more compatible than dvd-r, IF you are using herrie’s 1.07v2b5 firmware and have booktype set to DVD-ROM.

Im still confused, what would be the most compatible using official nec firmware.

most new set top player can access both format… but in my opinion, since you are asking about official firmware, i think -r is most compatible.

dvd-r is more compatible than dvd+r unless you use bittsetting dvd-rom in the end it does not really matter there both work great.