Will this enclosure work with 1625?



Hello everyone i have had alot of trouble converting my 1625 to an external drive. I purchase an enclosure that was using a cyprus chipset which i guess is not very compatible. Today I recently purchased a different enclosure. I bought a Kingwin SS-525U-BK which has these features:

5.25" EIDE CD/DVD USB 2.0 black aluminum alloy external enclosure.

Newest Prolific chipsets included.

Plug & Play.

Stackable with multiple external enclosures.

Light weight aluminum alloy material.

Ball bearing cooling fan included to improve device performance.

Fan failure alarm system with red LED indicator.

Over current protection prevents over current damage to device.

Power supply included.

I know that they say the prolific chipset is generally what you need to get the drive to work properly. My question is with these features should the enclosure work with the 1625 and does anyone have this enclosure and what are your thoughts about it. I am running XP and will be using this drive through a USB 2.0 port. Thanks!


Well - lets see if I can help. Yes, the Prolific PL-3507C is the chip set to use, but it’s both Firewire and USB2. With Firewire you can get to 16X - with USB2 you can get to 12X.

I know you stated your case has the Prolific ChipSet but only USB2, therefore it will not be the PL-3507C.

Now here the problem. If I remember correctly many messages on this board state that the 1625 can do 16X but can’t do 12X (16X or 8X only).

Will all the above I think the best you will get is 8X burns. Hope another member can give you more details…


If your chipset is cypress (“cyprus” maybe a mistake?) ,1625 can’t work with your enclosure


Still no 12x/16x support for -R and no 12x support for +R with BBIA.


the enclosure with the cypruss chip I am sending back to new egg but they are sending me this new enclosure with the prolific chip. I am only using this drive for the lightscribe capabilities so I am not that concerned about write speed which is why I bought the NEC 3540.I am just concerned becuase this last enclosure I bought was not recognized by the computer so as long as the computer will recognize the drive and actually be able to write with the new enclosure I will be happy. Any other info is appreciated


Prolific also makes a version of this chip that is USB2 only.



[QUOTE=chas0039]Prolific also makes a version of this chip that is USB2 only.


You are 100% correct…
No REPORTS anywhere on this Prolific USB2 ChipSet…


Actually, at least two posters here have used this and reported it worked although I never asked about 16X, it was implied.


wow I hope it works its a pain getting this thing up and running. like I said as long as I can get the computer to recognize it I would be happy. Are there any firmware updates I should download?


Just to let everyone know that this enclosure works great with the 1625. I had no problem updating the unit to the current firmware and it writes great. thanks for the info!


Does it write at 16x? I really want to get an enclosure for my 1625 too.


Thanks for the follow up. It helps to know when thing work as well as when they don’t.


Ireally have not tried writing at 16X but I will try and let you know. The good thing about the enclosure is that its only 34.99 at new egg.


Hello again everyone, This drive with this enclosure does not seem to write over 8X. I guess thats ok because I use it for playstation games which needs to be 4x and below anyways. I rana couple of tests with nero but dont know how to decipher the information. These were the results from the disk quality test are they good?? is there anywhere I can go to learn how to decipher all of these numbers. Thanks!

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1625
Firmware: BBIA
Disc: DVD+R (RITEK R03)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 47
Average: 24.09
Total: 8574
PI failures
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 12.1 %
Average: 5.32 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 0:49
Number of samples: 409
Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0


If you want to see how the burn quality is you should download CDSpeed from Nero and run a disc quality scan at 8X. Then check the forum on Blank DVD Media Tests and get an idea of how the scans look. If you stick to TY and Verbatim they should all be great.

BTW, I would guess that your enclosure is writing the Ritek R03 media at 8X because that is the max burn with the firmware, not the enclosure. To test the enclosure, you can also run CDSpeed and do a burst test to see where the speed transfer comes in. 22MB/sec is needed for 16X burning.


Can you actuall update the firmware on your enclosure? I have a Kingwin enclosure with the prolific chip. maybe updating that firmware would give me some better results?


I have done it; you need to connect through USB and only have one connection at a time. Wade on over the Big Enclosure thread and get a detailed description.

Also here:



Thanks for the info, How do you ID what prolific chip you have? I want to be sure befor I actually update. Also By updating the firmware can I expect and difference in performance? also is there anyway to tell what version of firmware you already have on your prolific chip?


The Prolific Chip this LINK handles is for the PL-3507 (USB2 and Firewire). This user has a USB2 ONLY ChipSet. I don’t know of any updates that are available for a USB ONLY ChipSet…


Thanks for catching that. I never saw anything indicating that he had USB only.