Will this burner do the job?

I’m thinking about ordering a LiteOn tomorrow. The 32x12x40 32123s drive. I was just wondering is this drive capable of copying the new SD2 protected games. Hehe dont want to waste the money for it if it wont do the job.


this is the best burner out right now. it can burn any protection. it simply is the best!

It’s hard to define the best burner.

What if you want to rip Cactus100

Lite-On Stops dead in it’s tracks.

Or in Audio-Extraction, It’s not the absoulute best.

Aren’t there Reports that The Plex 24X can copy SD2.51.XX at lower write speeds?

ya i have to agree with SirDavidGuy.
i have Plex 24x and Lite-On 24x.
both burners are great but i find that the Plex 24x works better at copying protected audio disks.
tried copying some protected audio disks with Lite-On and it wouldn’t even recognize the disks.
both good burners though.

haven’t tested Plex 24x at slower read speed or lower write speed to see if it copys new sd2, will post when i try.
supposed to work though.


thanks guys. think im going to go ahead and order it found it for 92 dollars on pricewatch. Which is less than i paid for my current HP writer. Cant wait for it to get here.:smiley:

But the lite-on writer could still write audio protections, so you just need another reader to read them :wink:

can the sony 168b read the protected audio

I just got the lite-on 32x drive today. Havent even installed it yet…But it should be Sweet!!!

I have a plextor 24-10-40 drive, and MOH AA. It has the latest version of Safedisc2. Even at 1x read and 1x write, the drive won’t produce a workable backup. I used many options and configurations in CloneCD (including Amplify Weak Sectors), and didn’t have any luck on 4 different drives (the Plextor, a Hi-Val 16-10-40, a Yamaha 16-10-40, and a Creative 48x CD-ROM drive. I was however, able to play the backup on my HP 8100 4-2-24 drive. Interesting, but frustrating…that drive does not support writing in RAW mode. Also had the same exact results with ‘The Sims Hot Date’ expansion pack. Still searching for options… I would go with the Lite On for Safedisc2.

Hot Date?!?!?!

Are you sure you are using the correct settings?

Hot date uses 2.40.XX.