Will there ever be official 20x media?

will there ever be official 20x media?

Hmm, not sure to be honest. If they did bring it out, it’d likely be tweaked or re labeled 16x media.

I think companies are going to begin more serious blu-ray production and not bother with 20x DVD media.

Probably not. However, Daxon announced 18x certified media

I hope not. I see no sense in 20x rated DVD media.

Imagine how much CRAP discs would flood the warehouses & shops!! :sad:

I will not be the first one to run out and buy some.

IIRC there was some CMC 18x or 20x DVD media (with another media code) but now that the DVD burner market is fairly saturated an introduction of new media codes would end in a disaster. Therefore I assume that 16x DVD media will be sold as 20x just as 48x CD-R media sold as 52x.
If they will ever be released, I will get some of the 16x media because I assume that there will be sales :slight_smile:

good point,