Will there ever be DVD-RAM DL?



Or is there already such a thing as DVD-RAM DL ?

I use Panasonic RAM discs a great deal, would love the X-tra capacity of a DL.


I thought I remembered seeing DL DVD-RAM at SVP but it turned out they where instead dual-sided:
If you’re after more capacity on a single disk, it might be an option, though of course it wouldn’t be as conventient as having a DL since you’d have to flip it to use the other half.


yeah that’s all i have ever seen is 2 sided DVD-RAM discs. I never bought any of them though.


Due to the physical addressing method of RAM discs, I’d expect that DL would be impossible. See those spiral marks on the disc? Those are part of the addressing system and are in the reflective layer.


Something else occured to me. Both DVD-RAM and DVD+RW use phase change material - I’ve no idea if they use the same one. In the Verbatim Europe Q&A there was the following:

  1. Are there any plans to produce DVD+RW DL or DVD-RW DL?

No, we stopped development. We cannot get around the compatibility problems for such media. Due to its low reflectivity of <10% such media does not conform to the original DVD specifications rating >18% reflectivity. Hence the media would not be supported by the large installed base of writers nor by the players/ROM drives. Only specially developed equipment would support such media.

I could imagine a similar problem would prevent dual layer DVD-RAM from reaching the market.


I don’t think so I have DVD-RAM 2 sided, but I don’t see the demand needed to develope DVD-RAM DL


People, my people. It’s over. Blu-Ray is here. Forget about any of these other formats. They’re dead. Nobody is going to waste time developing or manufacturing them. It’s going to be SL DVD and DL DVD as the existing standards, and Blu-Ray. That’s it. It’s over. Go home.


I don’t think there will be a DVD-RAM DL. I use only DVD-RAM double sided cardridge media and it is a good deal for me. I have twice capacity on one media compared to a singel sided DVD-RAM. I understand the wish of a DVD-RAM DL, the double sided media without cardridge are not very well to handle and the only available cardridge drive (Panasonic SW-9576-C or the OOP Panasonic SW-9574-C) are very expensive anc cost 3x the price of a good DVD burner.
The really good point is that there are no compatibility issuses with DVD-RAM drivers / media or other DVD-RAM related problems. This Panasonic drives are in my opinion DVD-RAM drives with CD-R ,DVD-R and DVD+R burn capability. I never burned a CD or DVD with my Panasonics…

And it may be true BluRay is there. But the technology is too new to trust the burners and media to backuop the valued data on such a disk. And the media are still expensive too…


Well, here’s how I use DVD-RAM , I have several Panasonic standalone DVD recorders. Only two of them are the HD versions, and since they no longer make HD versions, I’m using DVD-RAM to store TV programs and move them to my computer HD.

On a Pannie standalone, I can record to the DVD-RAM. Then by setting chapter points at the beginning and end of each show segment, I can isolate and delete commercials.

Then I take the RAM disc to my computer and by using TMPGen , I can store , edit, or burn the them to DVD-R , if I want. Then delete the DVD-RAM disc.

This has allowed me to replace the Panasonic HD standalone recorders with my computer.

The X-tra capacity of a DVD-RAM DL, would allow me to record longer programs, like say a sporting event, when I’m not there to replace the DVD-RAM disc.

Can data on a BlueRay disc be edited and/or deleted and rewritten ?