Will there be burners or readers that do 18 or 20x read speeds?

there’s writing at those speeds why not?

I don’t get it, what is your obsession with speed? :rolleyes: You want the disc to spin so fast that if/when it shatters, you can blame the manufacturer for allowing that high of a rotational speed? You want the motor to wear out so fast that when it fails you can RMA the drive?


anyone remember kenwood’s 72x cd rom drive?

I think Kenwood’s 72x drive had two separate reading modules so it could achieve that speed…

EDIT: No, it’s called http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=339&page=2. An amazing piece of technology, but I doubt that it can be used by burners.

You’d need special clothes to avoid the splinters and all that from cracked cd and dvd media. :frowning:

Yeah, and I remember some great horror stories about discs shattering in them, too :bigsmile:

burning speeds hit those without shattering

I think you know how opticalö drives work… so you’d know that they can only reach hi speed at the outer edges…

That’s true for both reading and writing speeds (CAV) so what’s your point?

The disc isn’t going to be more likely to shatter at 18x CAV or 20x CAV during reading than at the same CAV speeds during writing.

<HR>IMO the reason that we have 18x and 20x writing speeds and only 8/10/12/16x reading speeds is mainly because optical drive makers want to sell drives that are perceived as the fastest on the market, and this is done by using the 18x or 20x logo on the drive.

Most consumers don’t know any better than: higher is better.

pressed media has way more balance issues than blank media, hence no 18x/20x reading

That’s the point, the methods of writing differ as the methods of reading can too differ.

There already were drives reaching higher speeds than 16x for reading/ripping, so maybe the question is not exactly clear formulated?!? :smiley:

Seems to me that some drives have quality issues at 16x even, so I’m not terribly geeked about 18x or 20x. I know some folks that only burn at 8x, no matter how fast their drive is, and they get really good scans at 8x, so they don’t plan on doing 16x or higher.

I can usually burn Verbatim 16x DVD media at 16x, but if I get other media, it often drops to 12x or sometimes 8x. So, I stick to Verbatim for that and other reasons.

It seems like with the data density in DVD’s, the faster you go, the more likely you are to have data issues, so this demand for faster and faster speeds is kinda baffling to me.

I use Optical disks for data storage and making backup vids. I want my data to be 100% readable, and I want my movies to play without skipping. So, Quality usually trumps Speed every time for me.

I think I’d be happy with CD’s at 32x max and DVD’s at 8x max given all that. Drives are quieter, I can use a wider range of media and burn quality should be better, all other things being equal, I would think.

I’m a speed maniac… I really liked the idea of 18 or 20x read speeds…

I can understand that. :slight_smile:

o him yeah but flame me?

The manufacturers don’t care about their dvd-rom drives any more.
Toshiba and Pioneer used to have nice dvd-rom drives, now they have quit. Lite-on that used to make great ones like 166s, now sells the very disappointing 16P1S. It is worse reader even than my BenQ DW1650.

The difference at price between dvd-rom and dvd-rw drives is very small, so I doubt we 'll see any improvements on the dvd-rom field.

[B]Who did???[/B] :rolleyes:

Sure, many of us would love to save time but its not always possible.

Maybe the SATA DVD-ROM from Samsung is worth a look.

Looking up a few at Ebuyer - DVD-ROM or CD-RW for 10 pounds, DVD writer for 20

Now all drives need some basic parts, the case, tray and motor systems probably don’t change much between readers & writers, so the only really significant things are the optical head, and the difference in the chipset.

Can’t believe they sell much of anything other than DVD writers these days. DVD-ROMs may well be considered a “must” by those who stick to a reader/writer pair, but there seems little reason to buy a CD-RW drive now, other than an elite model such as a Plextor premium, as a DVD writer can do CD-R/RW as well.