Will there be any problem writing before burning?

as in with a permanent marker, i burn out my anime and it’s a hasel to write everytime i burn a disc, would it make a difference if i write the label on the blank disc with a permanent marker before i burn it? would it causes inbalance issue when the disc is burning?

No imbalance will be caused by writing a label on the disc surface before burning data, provided you use a suitable pen.

You should take care that the writing is dry before burning (or reading), or you can get streaks from droplets of ink being spun across the disc surface, and it won’t look pretty. You could also in theory get ink sprayed around inside your drive.

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Writing on it before burning is ok but make sure you don’t get much dust on the disc, as it could affect recording and also don’t burn the wrong thing onto your pre-labeled disc :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. :iagree:

and also don’t burn the wrong thing onto your pre-labeled disc :stuck_out_tongue:
Done that! :doh:

  1. no paper labels period.
  2. Inkjet or lightscribe ensure the print is dry and not smugging, this will effect your drive with long term effects.

Your just beginning to see how duplicators (me) treat the business world when they use CDs/DVDs, why have a production, pre-labeled (silk screened) disc. Of course this only makes sense with volumn, less than 500 price is high.

  • hehe, i did that once, learnt my lesson after the disc popped out looking like Alice Cooper :rolleyes: