Will there be any new drives capable of Solid Burn?


I like that feature from my BenQ 1640, but since I have heard that BenQ doesn’t make any new drives anymore, I wonder if there will be new drives with Solidburn. What about Philips, do they release new DVD-writers? Will anybody still use that feature in their drives?



It actually seems unlikely there will be anymore drives based on the Nexperia chipset that the 1640 uses. Solidburn works with the newer DW1800 and DW2000 series BenQ drives that are actually LiteOn rebadges, but the chipset in these drives is MediaTek so the functionality is slightly different.


Yes, they do. These new Philips drives are either rebadged Samsung or Liteon drives.

Will anybody still use that feature in their drives?
I doubt that. But there might be some Philips influence in future Liteon drives.


Isn’t the Hypertuning feature of the LiteOns essentially the same as SolidBurn ?

BTW. I have SolidBurn enabled for all media on my BenQ, but i never noticed notable quality improvements.

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Lite-Ons’ SmartBurn/HyperTuning is meant to be their answer to SolidBurn.
Except it isn’t. Performance wise it’s sadly lacking. :doh:

@mciahel, it is my understanding that no agreement regarding SolidBurn & licencing to Lite-On has been agreed. In fact currently this seems increasingly unlikely.

@molnart, if you have SolidNurn enabled for all media & use one of the better makes of media (Verbatim/TY). Then any improvement is likely to be marginal. Possibly only assiting consistancy of quality of burns. :iagree:
But I assure SolidBurn does work. With poor media the results can be little short of a miracle. :bigsmile:

Zebadee, could you please explain the relationship between SolidBurn and WOPC. Or is there a relationship?
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Philips & BenQ had a joint venture (Philips BenQ Digital Storage, PBDS) which AFAIK was responsible for all the Nexperia chipset based drives. As Solidburn is a feature of Philips Nexperia, then it would seem that a writer would have to use Nexperia chipset to use Solidburn. The newer BenQ branded drives (DW1800/2000) are just re-badged mediatek drives and I suspect their Solidburn feature is really just the Lite-ON equivalent feature renamed (Hyper Tuning or OHT).

Philips & Lite-ON have continued the past BenQ joint venture (PLDS) which have only released a Nexperia chipset based Blu-Ray writer sofar. It seems Lite-ON relationship is too strong with Mediatek for them to think of releasing new DVD writers with Nexperia. Or maybe Mediatek is cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is because noone except CDfreaks really cares about those features, as they do not care about the media they buy. :a I bet most of the BenQ users never tried Qsuite and never heard about SolidBurn, WOPC, etc. No wonder that BenQ and Plextor eventually stopped manufacturing drives.

Well, I don’t know how many people know about QSuite, SolidBurn, WOPC. But most people at China that chose BenQ know about SolidBurn, and they want it, like it, as far as I know.

I admit that I only know SolidBurn, WOPC when I bought my DW1800… which is not a real BenQ anymore… :sad:

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@ steven2874 (& anyone else interested) take a look here:
Hopefully this will help answer questions regarding SolidBurn & WOPC.

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Not sure what that forum adds that hasn’t been discussed or posted in this forum. :wink:

All interested about details, check here.