Will the web become a huge subscription service?

this from pcworld.com. its at least a prediction in the years to come. this particular prediction is on page 16…but i thought maybe some of you might want to look at whats interesting…let me tell you…doom 3 looks amazing!! anyway, heres the link: take care everyone.PCWorld.com Predictions

News Flash: The Web Won’t Stay Free
You’ve been browsing the Web for years, and–apart from the monthly payment to your ISP–you haven’t opened your wallet once. (We’re not counting your many online purchases.) You’ve even installed a pop-up stopper and an ad blocker to keep your browsing commercial-free. Face it: You’re a Web freeloader. But somebody’s got to pay for all that great information you pick up from your favorite sites.

The Web is tough to make a living on if you’re in the information business. In what other industry do vendors have to convince their customers to pay for something they’re used to getting free? Slowly, inexorably, and with more than a few hiccups, the Web is evolving into a great big subscription service–whether you like it or not.

Leading the way are big online names like The New York Times, which now charges for full access to its archives, and Consumer Reports, whose product ratings have always carried a price tag. Print publications can use services such as Zinio (a PC World partner) to create and sell electronic versions of their magazines.

Critics point out that people who’ve switched from a $22-a-month dial-up account to a $50-a-month broadband service won’t be anxious to pay even a couple of extra bucks a month anytime soon. Even the least expensive subscriptions will be a tough sell for quite some time. But don’t be surprised if this is the year in which for the first time you find yourself paying a Web site for its content.

True. Many .com companies have problems of making benefits. They are starting to charge their services. Internet is becoming comercialized. I don’ think, however, internet will be ‘totally’ commercialized because there will always be new sites whose owners want it become noticed by many people. Before their sites become popular, they have to advertise them. (For free)

Sad thing is somebody saying E-mail will also be charged. I really hope this will never happen. :frowning:

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Sad thing is somebody saying E-mail will also be charged. I really hope this will never happen. :frowning:

That has already been the case with many web mails like MSN Hotmail and Korea.com webmail. Some things are offered for free and the rest are not. The same with Fortune.com and NYT on the web. Many review sites also sell some of their articles.