Will the tray bezel from a Panasonic UJ8C2 fit a Panasonic UJ262?

My Dell laptop has a Panasonic UJ8C2 DVD burner. The optional BD-RE drive for this model was the Panasonic UJ262. But sellers with the Dell specific UJ262 are wanting $100 or more vs as low as $70 for a plain flat front UJ262.

If I can swap the angled tray bezel and the latch from the UJ8C2 to a generic UJ262 that’s what I’ll do rather than spend $100+ on the Dell specific one.


The tray-side configuration of the front bezel is pretty much standard, even going back to 2006-vintage ATAPI slimline drives, as long as the drives are of the same height (9mm or 12.5mm). The main difference as you surmise, is the outside design which OEMs may redesign to match the case of the installed laptop computer.

There are captive friction tabs at either end, and two tiny hook-like tethers in the middle. Optionally there may be a positioning/locating bump beyond the eject button. To remove the bezel you need to unlatch the 2 captive friction tabs at either end, e.g. by inserting a jeweler’s screwdriver into the tray-side part to release the tab. Then very carefully slide the bezel sideways so as not to break the two tiny hooked tethers closer to the middle. (If you do, don’t panic it’s not the end of the world as the bezel will stay mostly in place with just the side tabs latched).

Installing the new bezel is much easier; center first to get the hooks out of the way, slide the bezel sideways to latch them (it will be obvious with a new bezel in hand, what needs to be done), and lastly push in the captive friction tabs on the ends.