Will the SH-S203B/N work with my old mobo?

I have a old Socket 478 mobo, Asus p4p800-E. Will these new sata cd/dvd burners work with it?

I have installed an old Sata hard-drive on my mobo before but never a cd/dvd burner. I remember having to install some Sata driver for my HD to work.

Do I need to buy anything new for the s203b/n to work?

Here are the specs of my mobo: link


if there are SATA connectors present, and if they are not a 3rd party controller, then the drive should work, provided the SATA controller is set to IDE compatible mode in BIOS.


My mobo is Asus P4P800 Deluxe and I have no problem with S203B.

I have the same m/b. If have Win X/P SP2 installed, go to bios, change the ide operate mode to enhanced mode. This will allow you to use Sata hard drives and Sata Dvd writer without having to install drivers,etc. If the two Sata connectors on the m/b is not enough, you can always buy a PCI-based SATA card with additional Sata connectors. :smiley: