Will the PX-716A ever get 6X DVD-RW and 4X DVD-R DL?

I was thinking of buying a PX-716SA, despite all the hardware revisions/poor initial firmwares. I see the drive is getting better (though it’s no where close to pefect yet). I was curious as to if anyone has heard if the drive will be firmware upgradeable to 6X DVD-RW (a few drives already have this) and 4X DVD-R DL (I know with Beta 1.04 is does 2X, but the NEC 3520 has 4X already)?! I do like the 48X CD-R/RW, 8MB Buffer, and SATA-150… but 6X -RW and 4X -R DL would be great!


who knows atm mabey not, i think plextor has already given up on the px-716!

By the time you’l have affordable -r dl media there will be out Plextor 720A or something so if i were you i wouldn’t worry too much on that…

716 already burns 4X with certain DL discs (2.4x verbatims i know for sure). great results too (much better than any DL scan i’ve seen from other drives). ~25min per disc.

6X DVD-RW - not sure about (don’t use RW nor - media).

True but you’re talking about DVD+R (plus) DL media here while CHaynes112 was talking about DVD-R (minus) DL. I don’t know if the Plextor PX-716A will support 4x DVD-R DL but let’s first see some 2x DVD-R DL discs… I wonder how long it will take before they arrive in the shops.

sorry, my bad. but like you said, are there even -R DL discs anywhere to be found?

Re: Will the PX-716A ever get 4X DVD-R DL?

Answer Yes with firmware 1.05 around march 2005 , see the news today at:

it will even be:
mid january 2005: 8X writing on DVD+RW media (with official 1.04)
march 2005: 6X writing on DVD-R DL media

I dont think that it is of any importance to get 6x -DL. Discs won’t be available widely in the next months i guess.

8X +R DL is a much more attractive upgrade.

But you’l be able to burn 2.4x rated disks at 6x (MKM001). Don’t know about quality though, but this drive keeps impressing me.

This january with the official 1.04 firmware you only get:
6x(CLV) writing on DVD+R DL media

MKM001 is OK in TS-H552A at 5x so I suspect it’d be OK at 6x and 8x as well. 5x DVD+R DL has been on the market for months and so a future release of 6x DVD-R DL doesn’t impress me much. But I’d be impressed very much if I can buy a PX-716SA now for US$50. Reasonable for US$100. Unacceptable for US$150. For the price of PX-716A, I can have both Plextor PX-712A and LG GSA-4163B.