Will the NV30 will be larger than GeForce 4Ti 4600?

I wonder if NV30 will be bigger than GeForce 4Ti 4600,4600’s so big that many boards cannot offer a space to place its “tail”…

Does anyone have the news of the “size” of NV30?

Searched the net a bit but could only come uop with these:

NV30 feat: (just speculations though)

*73 million transistors;
*0.13micron manufacturing technology;
*450MHz chip clock frequency;
*External T&L unit and TT&L unit (True Time and Lighting) implemented in a companion chip (supposedly working at 450MHz);
*8 rendering pipelines (about the same amount of pipelines is expected to be implemented in ATI R300);
*4 TMUs per pipeline capable of laying up to 8 textures in a single pass (loopback);
*4 Vertex Shaders units;
*2 Pixel Shaders units;
*256bit memory access;
*Up to 750MHz DDR memory working frequency;
*Quad cache for vertex, primitive and pixel textures;
*Dual (dounble-level, like Hyper-Z?) Z-Buffer for better lossless data compression;
*12nvx – new anisotropic filtering mode (12x4=48, 48 texture samples?);
*NVAutoShaper prediction unit also responsible for preliminary saving of data samples in caches, which allows operating the data location manually;
*NvBlur: API Glide compatibility;
*DirectX9.x compatible
*OpenGL 2.0 support.

Nothing on the size of it.