Will the NEC ND-4551 LabelFlash drive be available in AUSTRALIA?



I’m in Australia - and I want a Labelflash drive. The one above in the review looked very nice indeed, and I’m wondering if any of you will know when and if the drive will be available in Australia?

Thank You!


What about the media then…??


I think it’s more likely the ND-4571A will be the drive that will be available world wide (if any).


Media is not an issue really, I’m looking to T@2 with DVD’s - is there any alternatives?


You still would have to buy either the retail version or Nero extra.


I’m sure there’s a way … but the first step is to get the hardware :’( … is there NO available drive in Australia?

What drives are LF capable? ND3551 - ND4551 … is that it?


4571 too.


Go and order by Ebay. They ships to Australia


Dee is the ND4571A coming to US any time soon?